Principal’s Welcome

Principal’s Welcome

“Aspire to achieve, enjoy and excel”

I am very proud at being appointed as the new Principal at Bower Park Academy and I will use this opportunity to introduce myself.  I have been in the teaching profession for over twenty-six years, working in three different schools across London.  I have been a Deputy Headteacher for twelve years with experience in Pastoral, Teaching and Learning and Curriculum Development.  I was the first person from my extended family to go to university; this helped to raise the aspirations of my brothers, sisters and cousins.  Education transformed my life and through education I want to raise aspirations of children at Bower Park Academy so that they can be the first in their family, the first to be something their parents will be proud of and become something that they never thought was possible.  It is an absolute privilege to lead the school.  However, the strength of Bower Park Academy is in the hard work and dedication shown by the talented teaching and support staff, Governors and Trustees and ultimately built upon by the drive and dedication shown by the community of pupils.

At Bower Park Academy we have the great privilege to educate other people’s children, bringing with it a huge responsibility to provide the best education in an environment where we endeavour to develop the whole child as we aim to prepare young people for happiness and success in their adult lives.  As the new Principal at Bower Park Academy, I take this responsibility extremely seriously and I want to ensure the success of the school does not stop, by continually driving up standards to provide the best possible education for every student.  We will offer a broad, balanced curriculum that ensures students master relevant knowledge, concepts and skills of a wide range of disciplines, whilst fostering a lifelong love of learning.

The Academy is at the heart of the local community, providing a caring and supportive environment where students are nurtured and supported to achieve success.  We provide high‑quality learning for all students and believe that, no matter what their starting point or personal circumstances, every student can achieve success.  In September 2016, Bower Park joined the Empower Learning Academy Trust (ELAT), with Hall Mead School and The Brittons Academy.  Hall Mead, as the sponsor, is an outstanding school with teaching school status.  The Trust is using best practice development to support all staff across the schools to improve the quality of provision.  In this way, ELAT is helping the schools to rapidly improve the quality of provision to ensure success for all students.

We will equip every student with the skills, attributes, values and qualifications necessary to lead highly successful adult lives.  To this end, our pledge to parents is:

  • To transform your child’s life chances: Our vision is to strive for excellence to transform the life chances for all.
  • To ensure your child achieves success: Through determination and resilience, every child will excel, to obtain outstanding outcomes across a breadth of experiences.
  • To help your child become a valued citizen: Students will develop into well-rounded, valued citizens, ready and equipped for a future world, and embracing a love of life.

If you have questions or would like to see the school in operation, please do not hesitate to contact us.  You will be very welcome.

Mr S Deen