Here you will find the latest information for candidates, issued by the Joint Council for Qualifications.

GCSE Examination Timetable Summer 2018

You may view the timetable for this year’s GCSE examinations by clicking on the link below.

On 6th February, Bower Park held a GCSE Information Evening for parents and carers of Year 11 students. You can download the PowerPoint presentation shown during the evening by clicking on the button below.

Examination Results 2017

·         % achieving a standard pass in English:   69% (4% improvement on last year)

·         % achieving a standard pass in Maths:    53% (7% improvement on last year)

·         % achieving standard pass in English and Maths:        46% (3% improvement on last year)

·         % achieving 2 Sciences Grades A*-C:                      45% (31% improvement on last year)

Examination Results 2016

In 2016 the Government changed the way that schools’ examination results are measured. The new measures focus on the grades in eight key subjects, and include every student’s results.

  • Progress 8: This measures how much progress has been made during the five years at secondary school in the 8 key subjects. In effect, it measures the value added by the school. A score of 0 indicates that students have achieved the grades expected of them.
  • Attainment 8: This is the average grade achieved across the same 8 key subjects.


2016 GCSE Results

  • Progress 8:                                                   -0.47
  • Attainment 8:                                               4.40
  • %A*-C English and Mathematics:      43%
  • % of students achieving English Baccalaureate:                                               9%

More detailed results can be viewed here.