Online Payment

If you have not received a link code letter, or require an additional one for a second parent, please contact the school office.

To visit Bower Park’s Tucasi SCOpay site, click here.

All payments are processed by WorldPay using industry standard encryption.

To keep payment processing costs low, there is a minimum online top-up of £5.00. This balance can be split between multiple siblings.

For parents who are unable to make online payments, the finance office will be open to students at break time on Mondays and Fridays, when cash and cheques will be accepted. There is a minimum top-up of £20.00 using this method.


The system incorporates the latest technology and eliminates the need for your child to carry cash. The opt-in Biostore biometric system allows for fast and secure payment for your child’s meal.

A daily spend limit of £6.00 has been set, which is more than sufficient to purchase a hot meal. If this does not suit your child, please contact the school to arrange for this to be adjusted.

Please note: These payments will show on your credit card/bank statement as Havering Catering and not Bower Park Academy.

You can check your balance at any time by visiting the SCOpay website. Your child will also see their remaining balance when they make a purchase at the till.

We wish to  reassure parents and carers that Biostore does not store fingerprints. Only mathematical representations of certain points of a finger image are recorded, typically between ten and sixty depending on the characteristics of the finger. The mathematical information is encrypted and is called a template. This data is extremely secure in its encrypted form, but even if it were not encrypted it would be impossible to recreate the original fingerprint image from the stored data.

For students whose parents have opted to not use biometrics, a manual alternative will be available at the till point.