More Able

At Bower Park Academy we aim to help all our pupils to develop their skills and abilities, intellectually, emotionally and socially, as well as provide teaching which makes learning both challenging and engaging, thus enabling all pupils to reach their potential.  In short, we aim to develop a culture which celebrates the “delightful difference” of all children.

We are committed to providing equal access for all children to the broad and balanced curriculum to which they are entitled.  We welcome children who are more able in a particular area.  We recognise that we must consider the individual needs of all children when planning our curriculum, and we aim to provide a curriculum which is accessible to the individual needs of our children.

At Bower Park our More Able register is based on KS2 data.

Bower Park Academy is committed to:

• Academic excellence • Achievement in a wide range of activities • Care and respect for the individual • Creating opportunities for challenge and leadership • Good discipline and a sense of order • Service to others – in school and in the community

A Bower Park child striving for excellence should be:

• Responsible and considerate • Outward looking and globally aware • Confident and well informed• Resilient • Reflective • Willing to challenge themselves and others • Questioning and enquiring