A reputation for exceptional music

At Bower Park Academy, students study music from different cultures and eras, ranging from the Baroque era to the modern classical era. In both the KS3 and KS4 curriculum, students develop their ability to perform, compose and appraise in various genres. This aligns with the KS4 examination process, as students are assessed in these areas by way of coursework and an exam.

The academy attracts gifted musicians who are continually impressed by the opportunities to perform choral, instrumental and chamber music at a high standard.

All students arriving at Bower Park are given the opportunity to learn a new instrument. If they already play an instrument, they are encouraged to continue with their studies in school, or take up another orchestral instrument to learn. The programme of extra-curricular music fits snuggly around the academic and sporting life of the school, allowing students to excel in a number of fields.

Students are able to perform in public at every stage of their musical development and, importantly, performance in recitals is not restricted to the extremely talented. The most able student can develop as soloists, whilst students in the initial stages of learning an instrument can also be appreciated for their efforts. Participation at every level is what makes music at Bower Park so exciting.

Our performance spaces are good and the department is generously resourced. Students can benefit from our large programme of musical events, which includes visits to concerts, recitals and visits to local care homes. The department has a strong choral foundation, and all students are encouraged to sing for performances in and out of school. We are particularly proud of all the community-based singing that students do to raise money for charities such as St Francis Hospice. 

The music department at Bower Park is vibrant and supportive, and gives students the opportunity to excel, whatever their level.

Mr M Crawford

Head of Music

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