Health and Social Care

Department vision

Our vision is to inspire and educate students to work in health and social care services, to improve the lives of service users.

To give learners the opportunity to develop sector-specific knowledge and skills in a practical learning environment.

To develop students who can think laterally, through visits and practical tasks which will impact on their cross-curricular learning.

What will my son/daughter learn at Key Stage 3?

Links are made to health and social care in a range of subjects in key stage 3, e.g:

Citizenship – The impact of external environmental factors that can affect individual’s self-concept and self-image.

P.E. – The impact of nutrition and a balanced diet on an individual’s growth and development.

R.E. – The social and cultural factors that can affect an individual physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.

Which GCSE specification do we prepare students for?

BTEC Tech Award Level 1 and 2 in Health and Social Care

What will my son/daughter learn at Key Stage 4?

Human growth and development across life stages, and the factors that affect it.

Explain and compare how different factors can affect growth and development, and assess the changing impact of different factors on growth and development.

Explain how health and social care services meet the needs of individuals, and how barriers could affect the use of health or social care services.

Assess and analyse the extent and suitability of health and social care services available, making justified and realistic suggestions for how barriers for one service could be overcome.

Explain and analyse how factors can affect an individual’s health and wellbeing, and be able to implement a health and wellbeing care plan.

Are there any websites that will support my son’s/daughter’s learning?

Age UK − a charity for older people. Provides information on factors and events that impact on older people and explains sources of support. Students may need direction to relevant/suitable pages.

Barnado’s − has information on factors and life events that impact on infants, children and adolescents. Students may need direction to relevant/suitable pages.

National Health Service − information on NHS services and support, inherited disease and healthy lifestyle choices. Students may need direction to relevant/suitable pages.

British Nutrition Foundation − includes pages on healthy eating tips.

Royal National Institute for Deaf People – a resource that provides support to people with hearing loss.

British Sign Language – a valuable resource that provides online tools and resources on sign language.

NHS Careers – a good resource that provides an overview for anyone thinking of a career as an Allied Health Professional.

NHS Professionals – a valuable resource providing information on Allied Health Professionals.

NHS Children and Young People’s Services − a useful resource that explains a range of children and young people’s services. ‘Caring for Jasmine – meet the family’ gives an insight of one family’s experience of caring for a child with additional needs.

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