The vision of the Geography Department here at Bower Park Academy is one that enables our students to understand, engage and change their world with its challenges and opportunities. We aim to equip our students with a range of knowledge and skills that ensures they succeed at university or a real alternative, thrive at good job and enjoy a good life.

Mrs A. Crawford, Head of Geography

We draw on a rich variety of experience and views to support a coherent and collegiate approach to teaching and learning within the department, fostering a spirit of enquiry and continual improvement.

We seek to instil an understanding of the planet Earth and its peoples, a lasting awareness of the world around us, sensitivity and empathy towards others and tolerance and independent thinking in the students.

The Geography Department aims to ensure that all students leave Bower Park Academy with a clear understanding about the importance of geography in their future lives. Having progressed to and achieved the highest possible standards in geography, it is our hope that students go on to become active global citizens, contributing to their communities in a positive way.

Outside the classroom


Every year the geographers of Bower Park take to the coastline of Great Britain to carry out a series of investigations. These investigations play an important part in their GCSE success, so all set to task diligently. During last year’s investigation they were able to view the historic Naze Tower, built in 1720 by Trinity House as a navigational mark to aid shipping. It is grade II listed for special architectural and historic interest. Sketches were made to show the impact on undefended cliffs and the protection afforded by the new defences.

Additionally, the students measured the effectiveness of the beach groynes in preventing the removal of sand. Braver students got their feet wet doing so, while others used hands and knees to measure the angle of beach slope to the sea.

They enjoyed lots of sunshine, work and a well-earned lunch in Clacton!

Mrs A. Crawford

Head of Geography

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