Design and Technology

Department Vision

The aim of the department is to create independent problem solvers who are able to adapt to their environment and available resources. Design and technology will prepare students to confidently and successfully contribute in an increasingly technological world. Students will understand the relevance of wider influences on design and technology, including mathematical, scientific, historical, social, cultural, environmental and economic factors.  At our core, we intend to enthuse and nurture pupils’ practical skills, and give them a strong understanding of design, materials and industry.

What will my son/daughter learn at Key Stage 3?

At key stage 3, students will explore and develop a range of knowledge and skills across various disciplines within design and technology. This will include resistant materials, graphics and product design. Students will go through engaging and exciting projects in each area, following the national curriculum structure of design, make and evaluate. They will build a repertoire of technical knowledge about materials, school-based and industrial processes. Students will design, iterate and make high-quality products, which they will then critique and evaluate.

Which GCSE specification do we prepare students for?

AQA Design and Technology 8552

What will my son/daughter learn at Key Stage 4?

Students will take on a holistic approach in understanding design and technology. They will learn how to use a breadth of knowledge within the design and technology industry to make informed design choices. This will include:

• new and emerging technologies

• energy generation and storage

• developments in new materials

• systems approach to designing

• mechanical devices

• materials and their working properties

At key stage 4, we also offer a WJEC vocational course Level ½ Constructing the Built Environment. This is a versatile specification, which offers students the opportunity to get an in-depth understanding of the construction industry. They will learn about an array of legislation linked to working on site, develop skills and knowledge in planning projects and have a chance to learn and demonstrate carpentry, bricklaying and painting and decorating skills, through dynamic projects.

Are there any websites that will support my son’s/daughter’s learning?

BBC Bitesize

Design-Technology Info

The Design Museum


Head of Department: Mrs J. Subhan