Dance is a powerful and expressive subject, which encourages students to develop their creative, physical, emotional and intellectual capacity, whatever their previous experience in the subject. At Bower Park Academy we have an energetic and creative dance department. Working closely with Kings Academy, we offer a wide range of after-school clubs for all. We provide students with various opportunities to perform in shows, such as High Flyers, Glee, Kings Academy shows, Bowerstock and dance showcases.

Students have the opportunity to choose dance at GCSE level. During the course, students study:

  • Six professional dance works
  • Learn three contemporary set phrases choreographed by AQA.
  • Various methods of choreography
  • Experience various technique classes in various styles

Course Breakdown:

Component 1: Performance and Choreography – 60% of GCSE

Performance – 30% of GCSE.

40 marks (15 marks for set phrases and 25 marks for duo/trio performance)

• Set phrases through a solo performance (approximately one minute in duration)

• Duo/trio performance (three and a half minutes in duration)

Choreography – 30% of GCSE. 40 marks

• Solo or group choreography – a solo (two to two and a half minutes) or a group dance for two to five dancers (three to three and a half minutes).

How it’s assessed

Internally marked and externally moderated

Non-exam assessment (NEA) marked by the centre and moderated by AQA

Component 2: Dance Appreciation – 40% of GCSE.

What’s assessed

• Knowledge and understanding of choreographic processes and performing skills

• Critical appreciation of own work

• Critical appreciation of professional works

How it’s assessed

• Written exam: 1 hour 30 minutes. 80 marks


Based on students’ own practice in performance and choreography and the GCSE Dance anthology.

Dance can help develop students’ confidence, creativity and leadership skills. However, careers which particularly require dance are: professional dancer, choreographer, teacher, physical therapist and dance medical specialist.

Miss M. Freer

Head of Dance

If you wish to contact me, my email address is

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