Department vision

Within the design and technology department at Bower Park Academy, we are proud to offer the Level ½ Constructing the Built Environment course to our pupils. In Construction, we equip students with the key foundation skills that will benefit them in the future, both in and outside school. The aim of the key stage 4 construction curriculum is to develop and strengthen students’ endeavour to plan, implement and review. Our project-based approach to the course is designed to closely reflect real-world situations to have a positive impact on their personal development, technical understanding and skills needed to further a career in the ever-growing construction industry, through further education opportunities and employment.

The curriculum is designed to support our diverse range of students and their individual needs, whilst allowing them to achieve the best outcomes possible, through both theory and practical lessons. We are committed to developing literacy and numeracy skills in all our learners, while offering a breadth of opportunities to have access to the wider curriculum, through our contextualised projects which run through years 10 and 11.

What will my son/daughter learn at Key Stage 3?

Bower Park Academy offers construction as a key stage 4 subject only.

Which GCSE specification do we prepare students for?

Level ½ Constructing the Built Environment WJEC

What will my son/daughter learn at Key Stage 4?

• Independent learning and development
• Communication and time-management skills
• Problem solving skills
• Project-based research skills
• Presentation skills
• Ability to work alongside other professionals, in professional environments
• Ability to apply learning in vocational contexts

• Legislation in the construction industry
• Safety and security in construction
• Practical construction skills, including bricklaying and carpentry, as well as painting and decorating
• How to plan a construction project

Are there any websites that will support my son’s/daughter’s learning?

WJEC Revision Videos



New London Architecture

Eduqas Exam Walkthrough

Head of Department: Mr M. Miah