Year 11 Exam update

Year 11 Exam update

Dear Year 11,

We appreciate that the Prime Minister’s announcement this evening will have come as a shock to many of you.

We do not know currently when your exams will be; we will keep you informed whenever we receive further information.

The best thing for you to do is to come into school tomorrow and Friday speak to your teachers and gather resources. From Monday you should follow your usual timetable and continue to prepare for your exams. Your teachers will be available over email, edulink and teams and will provide you with feedback.

We know that the uncertainty around your exams and sixth form/college places will create a great deal of anxiety. However, you are a wonderful group of young people and I trust that you will show resilience and independence throughout this situation. Remember, the whole country is going through this together and all Year 11 are in the same boat.

Best wishes

Mr McLaughlin