Streetwise – Pedestrian Safety

Streetwise – Pedestrian Safety

Bower Park Academy was pleased to welcome into school ‘Streetwise’, a theatre group which has the specific aim of educating  students about the risks associated with being a young pedestrian.

Theatre in education is an incredibly effective way to engage with young people, stimulate learning and inspire involvement. Streetwise designs and produces memorable learning experiences that make a difference and leave a lasting legacy.

Using professionally trained actors, each live performance is enhanced with interactive workshops, a bespoke scheme of teaching materials and online resources.

Their performances are design to ensure that students can:

  • Develop the skills they need to safely use the roads as a pedestrian, including identifying safe places to cross the road and safe crossing procedure
  • Identify existing safety measures and use them correctly, such as lollipop people and pedestrian crossings
  • Explore unsafe behaviours and attitudes to road safety including distraction (mp3 players and mobile phones), playing and not giving the road their full attention
  • Be aware of other dangers as a pedestrian when not crossing the road, such as cars reversing from driveways and obstructions such as street furniture
  • Recognise signs warning of dangers and giving information, and how these can alter their journey, such as road works or traffic lights not working