Principal’s Response to Article in the Romford Recorder

Principal’s Response to Article in the Romford Recorder


The recent article in the Romford Recorder identified a number of schools that have not been judged ‘good’ by Ofsted for over ten years.  Bower Park Academy was named in the list.  It is a fact that the Academy has not received such a judgement. 

However, that is a reflection of our past and not an indication of our current journey.  The inspection in July 2017 clearly stated that we are taking effective action for the removal of special measures.  The report cited many strengths that show we are on a trajectory of rapid improvement:

  • Leaders and managers are taking effective action towards the removal of special measures.”
  • The leadership team “has started to have a significant impact on the quality of teaching and pupil outcomes.”
  • The Academy has a clear vision for the school’s improvement and there is evidence of a strong start to make this a reality.
  • The quality of teaching over time is improving, although there is still much to do.
  • Students behave well in classrooms and around the school with positive attitudes to learning and increasingly high aspirations. Students say that they feel safe in school.
  • Progress data shows that students in Years 7 to 10 are making better progress than in the past. Leaders acknowledge that there is still much to do to accelerate progress further.
  • The school has made a robust start and strategies for improvement are having a positive impact especially in maths and science.

I want to reassure parents and carers that we are working tirelessly to improve the education for all students attending the Academy.  All the indicators, including visits by the DFE and Ofsted, support the fact we are on track to receive a good judgement from Ofsted.  I am confident that we can achieve that goal within a year.

Stuart McLaughlin