Performing Arts trip to New York

Performing Arts trip to New York

On Thursday 20th October, 27 young adults and 3 staff setbower-park-academy-2016-3 off to New York, USA. We left the school at 5am and headed for Heathrow and Delta Airlines.

This was the third year Bower Park has run the Drama Tour to experience performing arts on Broadway. Students took part in workshops, which covered improvisation and musical theatre, as well as stage fighting.

Apart from the shopping, students were able to see some amazing sights; Central Park, The Empire State Building, Madison Square Gardens, The World Trade Center and Times Square, to name but a few!bower-park-academy-2016-2

Students explored the cultural side of the USA and were set challenges throughout the 5 days. 

Parents were well connected, as we regularly streamed live back to the UK during workshops and at the sights. 

We also got to experience Aladdin on Broadway, and what a show it was! It was truly magical and embraced the Disney spirit! 

Oliver, Year 9

“It was amazing and I loved every minute. The stage fighting class was best!”

Olivia, Year 8

“The best part was Aladdin on Broadway. The genie was amazing!”

Harry, Year 11

“New York was amazing. I enjoyed every part of it!”