At Bower Park Academy our vision is:

To strive for excellence to transform the life chances for all.  Through determination and resilience, every child will excel, to obtain outstanding outcomes across a breadth of experiences.  They will develop into well-rounded, valued citizens, ready and equipped for a future world, and embracing a love of life.

We want to do everything possible to support our students’ learning and personal growth.  For these reasons we have launched an exciting programme called LEADER to all students at Bower Park Academy.  LEADER is designed to help students develop the skills desired by employers, alongside their academic studies.

The six key attributes are Leadership, Expression, Autonomy, Drive, Endeavour and Resilience

In Key Stage 3, students attend a LEADER lesson once per fortnight, during which we explore the key LEADER attributes and students work on essential literacy skills such as presentation and debate skills. 

The LEADER Passport

We believe that the LEADER attributes are invaluable for our students’ futures and regularly celebrate their success and achievements through the presentation of certificates alongside celebratory events and activities.

All our students have the opportunity to complete the LEADER passport – a devised programme of activities to stretch and challenge our students to develop their LEADER skills, examples of which are below;

  • Have a position of leadership for a term – this could be during form, in a specific subject or around school
  • During form time, present a current news item and produce a news report
  • Take part in a fundraising activity for your chosen charity
  • Deliver a speech to an audience
  • Present a starter activity during a lesson
  • Write an article or make a video about the importance of kindness
  • Research sustainability issues and solutions, produce a leaflet to raise awareness
  • Volunteer with a local group or charity for half a term 
  • Achieve at least 5 positive attitude to learning scores in your report
  • Complete all your home learning on time for a whole term – this is evidenced by receiving no negatives on Edulink for lack of homework
  • Complete a reading challenge over a half term and write a book review
  • Achieve attendance of above 90% by the end of the academic year
  • Take part in the UK Maths Challenge competition or exam