Clockhouse Head’s Praise for Bower Park

Clockhouse Head’s Praise for Bower Park

On 2nd November, Bower Park was visited by the Headteacher of Clockhouse Primary School. Here’s what she had to say:

“From the moment I walked through the gate, there was a different feel to Bower Park. There was a calm atmosphere and the grounds looked clean and tidy. It was great to meet Mr McLaughlin and Mrs Stannard, and plan the collaborative working we can do for the good of the children of Collier Row. This is an exciting prospect for all concerned. Walking around the school echoed my first impression. It was certainly very calm, and the children were all engaged in their learning. Even the isolation room was calm! I spoke to some children who had transitioned from Clockhouse, and they told me that the learning at Bower Park was both challenging and fun. They were also able to tell me what they were learning. All the classes I visited showed great behaviour for learning, and the staff were very welcoming, as were the children. I have to say I was particularly impressed with Mr Nadesan, who was so enthusiastic about his subject and the children’s learning. The children clearly enjoy having him as their teacher. When looking at the maths books, the difference between now and my previous visit in June was phenomenal! It was lovely to walk round the school and chat with Mr McLaughlin about all the improvements. What a difference you are all making!

On a separate note, a parent who has a daughter at Clockhouse approached me last night to talk about Clockhouse, but then went on to tell me how impressed she was with the changes at Bower Park and the impact the new Principal has had. She cannot fault the school. A Bower Park pupil also commented on how great the changes have been since Mr McLaughlin arrived.

Thanks for inviting me to Bower Park. It was brilliant to see all the positive changes.

Here’s to joined-up working.”


J. Savidge


Clockhouse Primary School