Equality and Diversity Day

Equality and Diversity Day

On Tuesday, 6th March, Bower Park will celebrate its first Equality and Diversity Day. 

What we want students to experience:-

What is the meaning of Equality?

This means treating everyone with fairness and respect, and recognising the needs of individuals. It is about addressing existing disadvantages affecting how people participate in society.

What is the meaning of Diversity?

This means recognising, valuing and taking account of people’s different backgrounds, knowledge, skills, needs and experiences. It is also about encouraging and using those differences to create a cohesive community and effective workforce.

What is the impact of Equality and Diversity at Bower Park Academy?

Our vision is to strive for excellence to transform the life chances for all.  Through determination and resilience, every child will excel, to obtain outstanding outcomes across a breadth of experiences.  They will develop into well-roundedvalued citizens, ready and equipped for a future world, and embracing a love of life.

Students will receive a booklet with information, follow-up contact points, exhibitors’ contact emails, quizzes and follow-up evaluation from which we, as an academy, can learn.