Daisie Publishes her Pledges

Daisie Publishes her Pledges

Daisie Stuart-Evans, who is hoping to be elected to the Havering Youth Parliament, will base her campaign upon the following pledges:

To get more young people involved with leisure and sports activities to keep them fit and healthy.

To reduce stress and pressure levels in school. Daisie says she will do this by “pestering” school headteachers for an easily accessible support and guidance group. She believes this is important, as it will help to reduce stress levels around tests and GCSEs.

To help young people extend their skills and qualities by creating a programme that will help them gain independence, work experience and job opportunities, while also helping the community in different ways.

She said, “I have chosen to stand for the youth elections as I am very passionate about debating and making my voice, and other voices and opinions, heard.”

The candidates’ election videos may be viewed by clicking by clicking here.