Bower Park’s Maths Geniuses are in a League of Their Own!

Bower Park’s Maths Geniuses are in a League of Their Own!

The maths department is immensely proud to share the fantastic news that our students have achieved excellent results in April’s national Junior Maths Challenge.

The Junior Maths Challenge is a problem-solving, exam-based competition that is aimed at students in Year 8 or below, and is the UK’s most popular mathematics competition, with over 300,000 students taking part each year.

Whilst being chosen to enter is a success in its own right, the UK Maths Trust acknowledges the highest performers by recognising the top 40% and awarding bronze, silver and gold certificates.

In this round, of the twenty-five children who were entered, we are delighted to announce that they achieved eighteen certificates, consisting of ten bronze, six silver and two gold.

Only 8,000 students across the country (the top 25% of all maths geniuses) are invited to the Junior Kangaroo challenge, and Max Lawman has achieved this top accolade, while Ciaran Moore achieved the best grade in his year group.  The students who took part were:

Year 7:

  1. Max Lawman – Gold and Junior Kangaroo award
  2. Sarah Concannon – Silver
  3. Rosie Klein  – Silver
  4. Caitlin Charalambous – Bronze
  5. Owen Sweeney – Bronze
  6. Gracie-May Hickman – Bronze
  7. Mae Croxton – Bronze

Year 8

  1. Caitlin Do – Silver
  2. Vaiva Laurusonyte  – Silver
  3. Ciaran Moore – Silver
  4. Millie Roberts – Silver
  5. Niamh Scannell – Bronze
  6. Daisie Stuart Evans – Bronze
  7. Alfie Webster – Bronze
  8. Angelina Musiwa – Bronze
  9. John Lagunzad – Bronze
  10. William Baugh – Bronze

We are immensely proud of all of our students who completed the maths challenge and we look forward to following their journey of success and sharing more excellent achievements with you in the near future.

Thank you to Mr Nadesan and our dedicated maths department for pushing our students to achieve the best outcomes possible.


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