Bower Park Enterprise Day 2018

Bower Park Enterprise Day 2018

On Tuesday, 4th December, the academy held its annual enterprise day.  The academy’s aim is to help students develop the key skills and attributes that will help them succeed in their adult lives; it’s what employers, universities and colleges are looking for in addition to qualifications (which are vital).  LORIC is the acronym that defines these skills – Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication.  To be successful during enterprise day, students have to be able to use their LORIC skills effectively.

The theme for this year was to create a new board game.  Students worked in groups of five or six all day in their Learning Families creating the game.  They had to:

  • Build a prototype of the game
  • Create an instruction leaflet
  • Design and make the packaging for the game
  • Design a range of marketing tools, including a TV advertisement, posters and social media messages

Each group then had to display their ideas in a presentation, in no more than two minutes.  Initially, groups were competing against each other within each Learning Family .  Once a winning group was decided, the winners from each Learning Family went head-to-head with the other forms in their House.  This meant that students were presenting their ideas to their whole House.  Independent judges watched and listened to the presentations, and scored each group out of one hundred marks.  The quality of the presentations was amazing, and the diversity of ideas and the creativity shown unbelievable.  The winning teams from each House were as follows:

  • King: K8 (Ms Savage)
  • Moore: M8 (Mr Punungwe)
  • Edison E9 (Mr Nadesan)
  • Rowling R6 (Mrs Dawe)

The winning teams will go on a trip to Escape HQ in Brentwood early next term.

Well done to all students who took part today – I was very proud of the way you worked together, the quality of your presentations and how creative you were.  Thank you to our judges who helped today: Mrs Brand, Mr Braithwaite, Mrs Lincoln, Mrs Mann, Mrs Grix, Mrs Holgate, Mr Smith (governor) and Mrs Grainger.  They had a really tough job on their hands deciding between such brilliant presentations.  Thank you to Mrs Stannard, Mrs Yates and Mr Wookey, who organised the day.  Thank you also to Paragon Learning (Tracy Urch and Kevin Walsh), whose resources, ideas and creativity made the day possible and a huge success.

Below are the winning teams.  Next Thursday they will go head-to-head to decide the overall academy winners!


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