Bower Park Academy – Raising the Bar of Expectations

Bower Park Academy – Raising the Bar of Expectations



Bower Park Academy is pleased with the feedback received from Ofsted following their inspection on 18th and 19th December 2017. The Academy was placed into a category of concern in December 2016 and this was the second inspection to monitor the progress being made since that inspection.
The inspector clearly identified that the Academy continues to make rapid progress and judged that, 
“Leaders and managers are taking effective action towards the removal of special measures. The improvements identified in the previous monitoring inspection are being consolidated effectively. As a result, the effectiveness of leadership and management continues to improve.”

The inspectors visited over thirty lessons, reviewed students’ books and spoke to students about the progress of the Academy. As a result, they concluded that, “The quality of teaching continues to improve. This means that pupils’ attitudes to learning are positive and that they are increasingly keen to do well and make progress with their work.”

During the inspection, the inspectors saw good behaviour and positive attitudes to learning. “Pupils mostly behave well in classrooms and around the school. Pupils’ conduct continues to be strong and relationships between teachers and pupils are positive. Students also told the inspector that they feel safe in school.”

Last summer the Academy saw a significant improvement in examination results. From this, the Inspectors concluded that, “Pupils’ progress and achievements are improving. The provisional 2017 GCSE results show that progress is now average, a significant improvement on the 2016 figures.” Furthermore, “The school’s assessment information shows that pupils currently in the school are also making better progress. Standards in mathematics and English have noticeably improved.” Bower Park has moved from one of the bottom ranking schools for progress into the top ten in the Borough.

Mr McLaughlin, Principal at the Academy said, “The most recent feedback from Ofsted confirms our own judgement that the Academy has continued its trajectory of rapid improvement. It is recognition of the hard work and commitment from staff, students, parents, governors and the Empower Learning Academy Trust. My ambition is that the school receives a good Ofsted judgement at the next full inspection and this monitoring visit demonstrates that we are on track to realise that goal.”

Mr Harries, Chair of Governors stated, “Our relentless focus is on improving outcomes for students. The children and parents of our community deserve to have a great school on their doorstep and the leadership team will continue to drive that ambition forward with appropriate pace.”

Mr London, CEO of the Empower Learning Academy Trust said, “The Trust is delighted that the hard work of Mr McLaughlin and his staff is having such a positive impact. Their continued efforts, along with the ongoing support of the Trust and the pupils and parents provide a firm foundation for a brighter future for the Academy.”





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